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Cayman Pharma is Europe’s most reliable and versatile source for Prostaglandin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We own and practice a patented route to the prostaglandin core structure that was developed over many years of research in our headquarters near Prague. Our GMP processes are inspected and approved by both the European authorities and the FDA. From fertility, eye care, glaucoma, hypertension, and all of the other applications for these remarkable compounds — Cayman Pharma has the validated GMP routes and the regulatory approvals needed to help get your product to market.

Prostaglandin APIs

Opthalmology Veterinary Vascular Erectile Dysfunction Under Development
(+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt)
(±)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt)
Epoprostenol sodium salt

Cayman Chemical Products

It is our pleasure to announce that the products of Cayman Chemical are now conveniently available from Cayman Pharma, Czech Republic. Now it will be even easier to obtain Cayman's assays, biochemicals, and antibodies for your research needs. Cayman Chemical is firmly committed to providing high quality, affordable products to researchers worldwide in research disciplines such as:

Cancer Oxidative Injury Apoptosis
Neuroscience Nitric Oxide Endocrinology and much more

Cayman Chemical specializes in assay kits for measurement of:

Eicosanoids Hormones Cytokines
Cyclic Nucleotides Free Radical Biomarkers Nitric Oxide

In addition, Cayman offers a broad range of quality biochemicals including:

Eicosanoids Enzymes Fatty Acids
Lipids Nitric Oxide Reagents Antibodies

Cayman Chemical manufactures and provides analysis service for over 5,000 different high-quality products.

To see the complete list and for more information, click here on the Cayman Chemical website. Please submit your order via email to or by calling (+420) 315 664 381.

Acknowledgement: Some of the research activities in Cayman Pharma s.r.o. are supported by funds from EU grant Potenciál and MPO program TIP. CP greatly acknowledges this contribution.

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